SadaPay Beta Testing Public Launch Road Map 2020 Latest Updates

The Freelance community and the people involved in online transactions are very much excited to get SadaPay debit card and want to make it easy for them selfs either they want to spend online or earn online. On the SadaPay Facebook page whenever the team posted on the page, the community comes around and comments with the same craziness that when will it actually launch for the public for what they had promised for it. Finally, SadaPay has published its Actual progress status in their latest blog post Where is my debit card?! So we will read it and try to analyze the time when can SadaPay could launch or available for the public.When SadaPay Will Launch?SadaPay had announced to work in Pakistan around late mid-2018 (according to their Facebook page transparency) and serve to th

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SadaPay Latest Announcements BOP Partnership & App Published

We have published a post on an introductory article to know the concept and idea of sadapay launching in Pakistan by Founder and CEO Brandon Timinsky. Sadapay is taken the initiative of solving the problem of international payments transactions in Pakistan throughout the Pakistani banking channels legally and conveniently. The team of sadapay scheduled launch in early 2020 this year but due to the SBP wait of the approval process, therefore, they can't execute things on planned timings.SadaPay Latest Announcements On 28 August 2018 when the Facebook page of sadapay was created and meanwhile lots of research and by watching the market situation that's the appropriate time to launch this product as a helping hand for Pakistan's freelancer's community who are dependent on their digital onl

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Coronavirus Impacted Through One More Way To Adopt Cryptocurrency

From 89 days ago in Wuhan China city, firstly outbreak comes to world media that an epidemic Coronavirus start and effects all around the globe with the passage of time. Now being thousands of people are affected and confirmed according to World health organization statistics and accumulated records.So far lots of people around the globe are affected and therefore most governments, countries have started lockdown on citizen's resultantly economic activity is going to Slow Down, therefore, affecting the financial markets directly. The purchasing activity of consumer and business growth in the different corporations and people who are dealing in financial instruments also effecting and confused due to unexpected but most likely results are facing.New York Stock Exch...

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Publish0x Announced $300 in BAT For Writing Contest How to Participate

The platform is popular by name publish0x where people come and spend their time to write posts/articles and read other publisher posts and also they can make money from it. The 5th $300 Writing contest Announced By Publish0x for Verified Authors Of Platform. How to Participate and Become Eligible For Tutorials Wining Contest?Recently platform administrative announce the article writing contest to reserving the best possible content for use as support tutorials for better understanding of the publish0x website ecosystem. This is the 5th article writing contest initiated by the administrative to give the opportunity for comprehensive content writers. $300 #Publish0x Tutorial Contest The basic introduction of this winning contest is that the total winning amount is $300 in BAT's basi

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Cryptocurrency Mining Firm Caught By FIA Pakistan in Shangla

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are completely declared as illegal in Pakistan by State Bank of Pakistan in April 2018.Federal Investigation Authority FIA Pakistan and local shangla police jointly raid on cryptocurrency mining firm to arrest and cease the mining rigs to stop working as a Bitcoin mining business in Pakistan province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK district shangla area of Shah Pur.FIA and shangla local police jointly arrest 2 persons as an owner of firm and involvement in Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining The process of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining is a process in which Cryptocurrencies were mined in which are working on the proof of work consensus algorithm which

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Bitcoin SV Satoshi Vision Make Higher High of +300% Craig Wright Rumors

From the last 7 days, Bitcoin SV satoshi vision is surging higher levels From $90 to $300 above market price with the estimated market cap of 5.29 billion dollars.The starting of this year 2020 the cryptocurrency market is Moving between 200 billion dollars to 240 billion dollars.The dominance of Bitcoin is still moving between 56 - 70 and Bitcoin shows a trading favour levels and moving in their ranging behaviour.At the end of the previous year, 2019 cryptocurrency market is little bit showing declining and showing a downward trend with the BTC price following perspectives. Bitcoin SV Genesis Genesis block UpgradeRecently a major event happens in Bitcoin SV satoshi vision blockchain. They have forked the blockchain of Bitcoin SV to moving the Santoshi on their own b...

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Miracle Tele Website Down Scam Alert

From Starting of this World Wide Telecommunication Blockchain Based Project Various Times Their Website Go Down and visitors Can't Access it.Today From Almost We Have Investigated that starting of this year website become unaccessible for visitors.Uninformed Behavior Miracle Tele website is not reachable globally not only from specific region.This is very weird and negative signal from this project and its showing that they are not responsible for their investors and visitor of website as well as miracle tele project early members also completely showing a weird and negative signals as a confirmation to stay away from this scammed project.The team of this project has not been inform through email telegram or Facebook from any channel having alternative to their website. ...

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