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Publish0x Announced $300 in BAT For Writing Contest How to Participate

The platform is popular by name publish0x where people come and spend their time to write posts/articles and read other publisher posts and also they can make money from it.

The 5th $300 Writing contest Announced By Publish0x for Verified Authors Of Platform. How to Participate and Become Eligible For Tutorials Wining Contest?

Recently platform administrative announce the article writing contest to reserving the best possible content for use as support tutorials for better understanding of the publish0x website ecosystem.

This is the 5th article writing contest initiated by the administrative to give the opportunity for comprehensive content writers.

$300 #Publish0x Tutorial Contest

The basic introduction of this winning contest is that the total winning amount is $300 in BAT’s basic attention token.

The first winner will get $100 in basic attention token 2nd winner will get $40 in basic attention token the third winner will get $20 in basic attention token also the remaining 7 will get $20 each in BAT token.

Winning Criteria

The articles that have quality content related to publish0x tutorials who have quality post and great formatting and also having a YouTube video mention having a comprehensive research and easy to read and understand will be more preferred to upper list to choose winner, so basically this is not still mentioned that exactly how winner will choose its depend on the selection of administrative of contest.

basically you can consider that if you have follow all the rules of contest and having a great confirm quality content posted on publish0x tutorials contest then definitely if you will comply with the contest criteria and liked by the administrative of contest owner you will definitely win the contest but remember this contest have limited amount of winning so only a few people, the total of 10 winners can be chosen on best possible quality content.

The contest is starting from the 31st of January 2020 to the last submission date on is the 17th of February 2020. So you need to submit your articles/blogs before the last date. The publish0x Tutorials contest winners will be announced on around 21st of February 2020.

We have already written about publish0x, How you can become publish0x author and how you can make money from this platform, you can read from the below-given article on Curexmy.

to become publish0x author and make money

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Publish0x Announced $300 in BAT For Writing Contest How to Participate

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How to participate in Publish0x Tutorial Contest?

  • To become eligible for publish0x tutorials contest you must have access to their authorship program.
  • For becoming a publish0x author you can read our previous article about publish0x basics and how to submit your request for authorship verification.
  • Basically this program is about to save and create a specific category of content based on publish0x platform guidelines and tutorials based on user instructions or manual to understand better ways of how publish0x platform work and how users can use it in a beneficial practice.
  • So if you are interested to write about published0x website usage tutorial and How users can sign up on the platform submit for authorship, How tipping work, How to make money on this platform, What is readers how platform publishing process work, How to withdraw into ethereum (MyCrypto Wallet / MyEther / Metamask / Exodus / enter your can choice) wallet what is the mission of publish0x how to use publish0x website these are the Key related topics that are important to write about it based on publish0x tutorials contest.
  • You can increase the chances of winning this contest by writing mostly about publish0x marketing and introducing to other internet websites, how to spread the word about publish0x by writing about how to add widgets, banners, and links to your external websites to promote publish0x platform to other people who have not yet know about it.
  • So especially this is the contest to promote and specify for people who are best in promoting and introducing the platform more realistically and in an interesting way.
  • if you feel that you can promote this platform and have an idea or concept to introduce and write helping related guides, tutorials about platform usage guidelines that how users can use platform features and what are the features especially promotional material and promote The ambassador program on your articles which are submitted for the contest.
    As you know that recently publish0x updated their marketing and ambassador program referral link promotion material with the banners and custom created size ambassador promotion material on the referral link page.
  • You can check by going by your ambassador program page and check the new widgets, banners created by the administration to promote the platform features and increase the audience/visitors of the website.
  • Moreover, you can also write about further categories related to the publish0x tutorials contest. On the topics of how to write quality content, like how publishers can write comprehensive and detailed research articles on a platform to increase the quality post of platform library. You can guide other people how and where from they should use featured image and post images for their articles.
    You can also give tips and tricks and what is the best way to post articles to get more tips and how tipping works how much they can increase their earnings to get more tips on their articles.
  • The article has a video either from YouTube or any platform should be having a link of publish0x in the video description Example: if you have a YouTube channel and publish the video about publish0x guides tutorial then put the link of your article also into your YouTube video description the article having a YouTube video or having a video will be more preferred in the winning list.
    A step by step guide, detailed or how to, like topics will be preferred in the list of winning the contest of publish0x tutorials contest since this is the platform introductory and promotional program, so you should consider more specifically for publish0x writing contest-winning criteria.

Things Must Consider for eligibility of publish0x Writing tutorials contest.

  • The first thing is your content of article/post/blog must be original not should be copy or plagiarism from any of the sources.
  • The copied or plagiarism article will not be accepted by the administration of the contest.
  • You should include “Publish0xTutorials” in your article and title and tag for finding your article more conveniently for the selection of Your winning list.
  • Your article/blog/post must be related to publish0x How-Now guide, tutorial-like the content.
  • You can include YouTube video links also and you should guide in the articles more comprehensively that how bloggers/publishers can find images from free sources for their blog posts.
  • For example, if you are a blogger or a publisher of publish0x you are gonna write an article on your upcoming topic you need some images related to your topic content but confused about how to find free open source images to use it freely for avoiding copyright issues.
  • There are lots of free images, videos, graphics providing platforms like free images, stock footage providing web platforms where you can purchase and even get free images without paying any amount but give some credits on your images to use it freely for avoiding copyright issues.

So this is basically what this contest is exactly. Now it depends on yourself how you will win this contest, how you can comply with the contest criteria, what specific topic you like to write about guidelines of an introduction related to the publish0x platform.

If you still have any query or confusion about this $300 in BAT basic attention token winning contest, Don’t wait and stuck in it comment below and messages on Facebook and social media channels to help you immediately before the contest ends.