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Miracle Tele Telecom in Blockchain Project Review

When we are writing this article about Miracle Tele which is the new standard in telecommunication market with the standard of revenue sharing with their TELE token holders know as a bi-weekly rewards, which’s actually meaning is sharing the income in tokens as their amount stacked currently the company has completed his ICO and sell all his tokens to the buyers who have participated and bought the tokens early.

What is Miracle Telecom

Miracle Tele is a Telecommunication company, offering its services worldwide around 200 countries with their all-in-one sim card which can be ordered through their website dashboard after creating user accounts.

So if each country had already their own or individual inner companies who are already providing their services which are enough for country residents but if someone moves through one country to other then they need to switch from one country’s sim to other country’s sim card it’s really strange and lot’s of effort taking task for any traveler when they need.

Therefore the ultimate roaming service provider for worldwide us no more different hurdle packs costly pricing other complications are generally solved by Miracle TELE, a telecommunication provider.

How Miracle Tele Work’s

MIRACLE TELE | How to Register Account Get Free TELE 90 Tokens Airdrop $10 Future Price

Watch the above-mentioned video to know in detail about this game-changer blockchain-based and token economy revenue sharing telecommunication company without a country restrictions to get involve and learn more watch the video till end.

Miracle tele is basically Miracle Telecommunication mobile Operator Worldwide International Roaming For calling, SMS and Internet usage.

Miracle Tele official website is registered on December 05 2017 the site is containing all the information about the company business model and future road map have also provided their detailed whitepaper which will be breaking down below with their road map.


services which are provided by traditional mobile operators are the same in case of miracle telecom but just a little bit different from ordinary telecom companies in terms of rates, pricing, and usability.


Miracle tele is Providing proper SIM card facility which the users can insert in their devices and use the miracle telecom services. so how they provide their mobile connection to their customers? they have a partnership with local companies to provide the all-in-one solution with their own rates and company policy for global coverage.

company has done partnerships with dozens of local mobile operators for example in India providing connections through local companies through TATA, Aircel and IDEA e.t.c with different calling, SMS and Internet rates.

On Miracle tele website they have mentioned the All-countries Call rate for 1 minute is €0.20 but the Browsing rates will be counted as per MB usage.

(According to their 2019 Q-3 Road map they have mentioned the free use of Whatsapp/telegram on Miracle Tele SIM card Globally)

Mobile Top-up

Another great service and feature for users who are attached with miracle tele they can top-up their any worldwide mobile operator balance through miracle tele user dashboard as per requirement all the services payments will be done through the TELE tokens (read more below about TELE tokens) which is the native token by Miracle tele created on Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 standard. In future 2020 they will launch their own blockchain for converting the token into the coin as they have mentioned in the road map.

Bi-weekly rewards

This is the company’s core objective for their long-term growth and business stability they are providing the 40% of revenue share with token holders who have stacked tokens in the dashboard stacking mechanism. this stacking reward is split to every holder who has stacked their tokens for bi-week mean, for complete two weeks of 7+7 days. after 14 days the holder will get the reward amount ratio equals to how much they have stacked roughly they are giving €0.20 for 100 stacked tokens (but this rewards is dynamic as per their revenue fluctuate for any reasons and they change it according to policy).

What is Miracle tele “TELE” Token

TELE is the short form name taken from the company’s telecom name is as TELE which is the native token for purchasing services within the company website dashboard and using their services like Top-up mobile number, re-loading Miracle tele sim card for call and using their telecom service.

TELE token is created on etherum blockchain:


Token Name MiracleTele
Total Available supply 


contract address 0xb363a3c584b1f379c79fbf09df015da5529d4dac

track more at

Become user/customer of Miracle Tele

If you have not yet signup on Miracle tele world-first blockchain-based project who is providing mobile telecommunication service worldwide also revenue sharing with their native token holder so for just futuristic thinking encourage us to introduce to other who not yet know about this company not just ideal concept it’s now become a reality for global coverage as you know, where the convenience, there is demand, people will adopt blockchain then use blockchain-based products and services

so if you really think that it has the potential for changing the concept of using mobile sims and mobile communication and will give the holders reward then you can join miracle tele.

Ahead Steps: 

We will update you for further steps and major changes in company policy or working model or if it affects the old user from anywhere so stay tuned and stay with us but be aware of their related upcoming news on their telegram group and if you have created your account at miracle tele now and using their services let us know what’s your experience as we are promoting and discussing this project on our portal now we will definitely talk about their negative and positive changes if they have made or will be done we will surely cover it and inform you about it.