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Presearch Vs Google Wait, What’s The Comparison

To feed your curiosity about presearch and its vision behind it, let’s dive a little into its understanding. Later on, we will compare it with google and other search engines to predict the future of presearch approach and how decentralized search engines play an important role in combating censorship and monopolization tech giants industry.

Pre search Engine Desktop View

Presearch was created in late 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain with the PRE token and an idea of a decentralized search engine for giving results of the demanded queries. The team behind this project has the vision of building an open, free, privacy and community-based distributed nodes search engine that provides true censorship less eco-system for information transparency and knowledge access to the common person.

Presearch Functioning Methodology

Vision Paper # 33

The developers of created a protocol eco-system from distributed search engine gateway for index holders and made a front end for user to acquire for requests and the backend system works robustly to fetch the relevant search results to the users in most minimal time. Basically “Presearch” is the brand name or organization label. In base terms, the project is a digital blockchain-based protocol for reserving indexes and providing query results.

The front end which is actually a user interface and final face of a search engine is based upon a web server that sends quires to the node gateway server and retrieves results from the same system.


Node Operators And Rewards

Presearch | Search Nodes Introduction

To achieve the vision of decentralization, presearch introduces presearch nodes through you can run your VPS, local Computer, run it on the presearch network works as a query server node for the user and help the network to grow and empowers the possibilities of decentralization.

To run your own node simply go to the Run Beta Tester Node Application Apply for it. Usually, it takes longer than 24 hours to approve your requests(In our case takes 9 days to get approval) for a beta tester at presearch nodes. You have a couple of options either dedicate your personal space and resources such as internet, energy, and hardware to run your node or the most recommended option is to rent your VPS(Virtual Private Server) at any suitable VPS hosting company for your successful node running at 24/7/365 days of maximum uptime.

Most popularly VPS used by Digital Ocean currently free $100 promo credit available for new users, can use it for 60 days and try out their services. You can simply signup with google or your Github account and verify your payment details either PayPal or credit/debit card. A temporary amount will be charged with an amount of ~$5 for authorization later on it will be refunded back instantly.

Rewards For Node Operators

Upon every query, the node serves to the node gateway server its rewards to the particular node with PRE tokens. The queries go to the node anonymously to protect the privacy of users. To avoid missing the earning opportunity of PRE tokens, it is important for a node operator to give maximum uptime to their node system for grabbing the queries and serve instantly, the more your node serves queries the more PRE tokens you can earn.

Requirements For Running Node

  • Hardware: Normal Specs: CPU, RAM, Other
  • Internet Fast & Low latency Maximum Uptime
  • Stake 1000 PRE Tokens

Fortunately no need for high specs server to run your node with presearch network. Currently, you can start your node with presearch with the basic plan of any VPS providing company low as ~$5 monthly plan. The requirement of staking 1000 PRE tokens is necessary if you want to earn rewards as well. So what’s the point of running a node if you doesn’t want to earn rewards, So you also should stake 1000 PRE tokens. Currently, PRE is listed on Kucoin and other Dexs due to high gas fees it’s very costly to transact on dexs so kucoin(It charges currently 100 PRE tokens as withdraw fees) Recommendation(consider buy PRE from the rewards earner or anyone having PRE tokens in their Presearch account so they can simple withdraw from there) could better option for you otherwise you can also buy from a Presearch account dashboard. The earnings ratio depend upon the node’s efficiency as well as the percentage of staked tokens they have with respect to the other nodes in the network.

Presearch encourages the node operators to run multiple lightweight nodes to accelerate the opportunity of your earning PRE tokens and your overall potential earnings.

Read the Full Guide About Setting Up Your Node with Presearch

PRE Token Usecases In Presearch Eco-system

User Search Rewards: If you don’t know already that you can earn daily currently up to 3,6 PRE tokens just by sending fair search requests at or search engines. The rewards gradually decrease as the user base increases and the reserve of reward tokens exhausts.

Affiliate Reward: You find your network unaware of presearch then introduce them about it and earn 25 PRE tokens when your referral completed its 30 active days and earns 50 PRE tokens according to the current policy you can also send reminders to your referrals from your affiliate dashboard.

Keyword Staking: This is the major bullish use case for PRE tokens to get appreciation in the very near future in price. Currently, there is a great opportunity for keyword-targeted marketing persons to avail it because there is no cost of click-through rate, impressions, or any advertising cost. It’s really effective to advertise on presearch because 100k+ Daily traffic volume is recorded on research. According to Alexa ranking has 9k global ranking. To rank your advert link top on the targeted keyword you have to stake the maximum amount of other stakers on your targeted keyword.

Presearch Alexa Ranking

Node Operation Staking: 1000 PRE tokens required incase of earning rewards given by the node gateway server upon every successful query you serve to the user request. Staking higher amount PRE token able the node operator to increase their potential earnings.

Presearch Mobile Application

Although presearch is not a browser due to the functionality barrier of using the different search engine in mobiles in installed or default browsers has no option to add custom or own search engine option such as Chrome, Brave and other browsers have it’s own default search engines.

Presearch needs to gain further recognition like duckduckgo and Microsoft Bing so it could become more mainstream and it convenience the google chrome and other browsers to add presearch or Dsearch in their search engine collections for user selection. Until it happens you can use the research mobile app to use the presearch or search with or without logging-in.

Presearch Vs Google & Other Search Engines

For better understanding, it is important to clear out your mindset about presearch as a website because commonly people compare the website’s front-end functionality with other same labeled websites or ideas. Presearch is a new era blockchain-based community-driven platform to distribute the resources to network participants. Anybody with set conditions and consensus can become a part of the network and will be incentivized by its role played within the eco-system.

On the other hand, Different search engines claim to be private or anonymous such as duckduckGo, Tor browser, Brave browser, and the other number of search engines claim almost the same type of offers. The core uniqueness of presearch or its relative protocols are based on censorship-resistant, transparent information access makes it able for the layman of the internet.

If we specifically compare with google, the companies had a very long journey from a single-page website server to now become the biggest data center and technology industry monopolist.

Centralization has major drawbacks proven in history, It disables the users from full control and overall influence on their decision making and taking actions.

Google made amazing products no doubt it has industry-leading ideas and technological innovations. Throughout this, it makes us addicted, lazy to not leave, and they have taken enough control by forced or forcibly agreement to accept and privacy exposition and mindset control by political and monetary agendas.

Concept Of Decentralization

In the decentralized culture, rights distribute and will modify time to time according to circumstances to avoid censorship and rights violation and exploitation that disturb the connected member of society or community. Presearch has done and doing similar that’s the beauty of decentralization through the vision the believers of the project will prosper and succeed as per the growth of the presearch network. It’s time to take the control back from the illegal agreement we assign with unfair tech giants.