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Brave Browser Review : What Special About it

The Brave Browser which is started with the vision of maintaining user’s data privacy and freedom to serves the web fastly and securely. we are going to dive deeper into the history and concept of brave bowser, so keep attentive.

Brendan Eich Founder & CEO of brave browser

Brendan Eich the founder of brave bowser, American software technologist and creator of the JavaScript programming language. He co-founded the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla Corporation, and served as the Mozilla Corporation’s chief technical officer and briefly, as its chief executive officer Know More About Him

Brave Browser Has The Massive Team Members, the most skilled and hardcore industry leaders for brave browser development and they have also the strong community.

In Actual Brave Browser is created By Brave Software, which was founded on May 28, 2015. On January 20, 2016, Brave software launched the first version of the brave browser with a basic ad-blocking feature and also releases future plans about privacy protection web serving Revenue sharing Model Know More About Brave history

Brave Browser Overview

Brave browser is based-on user privacy protection from tracking scripts and data selling to third parties for making money through advertisements. In Brave Browser the users normally in default mode can’t see ads on websites until they disable the feature called shields when you open any website normally the shield feature is enabled by default for protecting the user’s data and privacy from different third parties (but the users can disable and enable the feature as well on their choice).
In the current scenario of websites visiting and serving to visitors is based on the revenue model of ads, therefore the current web is compatible with ads showing the method and makes money through visitors but the brave come with a solely different concept called tipping through visitors who not want to see ads they can tip simply to their favorite creators like bloggers, YouTubers, and content producers and if the can’t have to pay them for tip if they agree to enable ads on site they can and support the content owners.
brave browser wallet brave rewards curexmy

How Tipping work in Brave Bowser?

In Brave Browser the users/visitors can tip to their favorite ones for their financial support through BAT Token (Basic Attention Token) based on the ethereum blockchain. when the user downloads and installs the brave browser they have the option to create the brave tipping wallet for storing Bat tokens. The users can store tokens via adding BAT to Browser’s wallet and also earning through watching ads on Brave Browser.

Users can earn BAT Tokens Through Viewing ads. Ads will be shown on different moments usually when a particular ad is available to show to the user for their preferred interests. Users can’t withdraw these tokens, all are used in tipping to the website owners. Auto-contribution in default on in which rewards transfer monthly you can also set your preferences based on your choices.

What is the BAT Basic Attention Token?

You can read in-depth about the BAT token creation and deeper understanding of Basic attention token on curexmy in another detailed article.


Become Brave Publisher

If you have a Youtube channel, or website or any kind of web platform with regular average traffic you can make money through becoming a brave publisher. This is the very great opportunity to make an additional income through your platform via just signing-up at brave publishers through the below-given link but before that, you should go through our become brave publisher guide dedicatedly for visitors at where you can get all instructions in written English and in Urdu videos.

Become Brave Publisher and Make Money

Let us know your queries about brave software and their business model regarding the BAT token or browser user guide. Otherwise, we will cover more about it in different ways of up-coming posts.