Join Publish0x Airdrop Earn Upto $10 Daily

Join Publish0x Airdrop Earn Upto $10 Daily

Airdrops Earn Crypto Publish0x
No. ParticipantsUnlimited (Reward Pool)
PriceMulti Sponsors
Reward PoolUnlimited
Daily PotentialUp to $10

Join Upto $10 Publis0x Airdrop


This platform is compatible with ethereum blockchain currently but they claim that they are crypto agnostics and don’t have created their own token and want to provide true decentralization for their users. The name of this platform is PUBLISH and the 0x is silent as they have mentioned on their introductory page you can read through the footer of this platform currently by “How it’s work” name. The team of Publish 0x compare their platform with the Medium and Steemit for understanding and what is the vision behind publish0x.

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