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How to Withdraw Your Publish0x Earnings into Your MyEtherWallet

So You are a serious user of the publish0x platform and wanna make money in crypto from this publishing and reading website. Here I will tell you all about how you can withdraw your earnings from your publish0x account dashboard from start to end so why thinking so far to read let’s begin and move forward.

Before further, you should make sure that you are a confirmed user of the publish0x platform otherwise it’s simple to create your new account directly on this platform.

Create Account at Publish0x

Payout Methods

As you know that the Publish0x platform currently supporting four payout methods which are totally based upon crypto technology and integrated with platform system for processing user’s earnings and withdrawals. Basically the amount you earn from this platform is based on pool distribution sponsored token which is rewarded upon each tip by the readers and allocated by the sponsors of the particular tip pool tokens distributors.

Publish0x Payout methods.jpg

Mainly on publish0x, the sponsors of tip pool token providers are Basic Attention Token, Project Hydro, Bounty0x, and DAI Currently the available payment methods. You can withdraw your earnings of these tokens to MyetherWallet Or Any Ethereum Blockchain + Related Tokens Supported Wallet.

Watch this Video How to Create MyetherWallet and How to use it also.

Here is the Quick Easy short Break down of all the Current available Earnings withdraw Payment Methods/Crypto tokens below.


When you will get a tip from your precious readers in bounty0x token then when you complete the minimum payout limit of 0.0000 BNTY bounty0x on publish0x then you need to withdraw it to your ethereum ERC-20 Wallet. The most used Wallet Secure platform Myetherwallet to receive ERC-20 tokens in your wallet. Bounty0x Also known as BNTY on crypto market trading Exchanges like Kucoin, IDEX and others created on ethereum platform as ERC-20 Token the Standard provided by the ethereum blockchain. The utility of the token is to pay for completing micro tasks on bounty0x tasks completing the platform. It is basically the native utility token of the bounty0x Mirco tasks completion platform.


The Project Hydro Known for promoting decentralization and building the DAPPS eco-system for enterprises to develop top of the platform. Hydro is just like other ERC-20 Token backed by some solid idea that will be full fill by the developer and team members according to roadmap if they want to sustain in the dynamic technology industry. You will receive hydro tokens when some reader will give you a tip then you will withdraw it through publish0x to your MyEtherWallet or ethereum supportive ERC-20 Integrated Safe Wallet when you reach the minimum payout limit of 724.9850 HYDRO.


The ERC-20 Standard stable dollar peg token which is used to transfer value against as USD price because no crypto which has stable value to trust, transfer & hold to maintain it’s purchased price. So Known as makerdao, decentralized money used digitally with providing extra advantages of savings. You can earn More DAI by holding it on the app called oasis where you can purchase DAI, get returns upon holding as well as you can get loans through crypto mortgage/collateral. You can Earn DAI on Publish0x through tipping and can be withdrawn into your MyEtherWallet with the minimum withdrawal limit is 0.4995 DAI.


It’s not related to BAT animal, the full form is Basic Attention Token an ERC-20 Standard token on ethereum blockchain with the different utilities, mainly on their Brave Browser used as creators tip just like publish0x concept. You can earn on publish0x by getting tips from readers on publish0x. you will realize that mostly receive rewards in BAT so you can withdraw when simple as the minimum of 1.8975 BAT reached directly to your MyEtherWallet.

Watch the Below Video in Urdu How to Withdraw Your BAT into Your Ethereum Tokens Supportive Wallet.

How to Exactly Place Withdraw on Publish0x?

Steps to Follow for Sending Payout request:

Firstly you need to Complete the minimum withdrawal limit whichever to token you gonna withdrawing from the platform. After that, you need to go to your accounts dashboard see in the screenshot below how to go then click payments open exactly in centered near to your profile options then follow the below steps.

publish0x dashboard

  • Now first Add the ETH Supportive ERC-20 token Wallet which is your wallets receiving address you can find into your MyEtherWallet Desktop or mobile app easily.
  • Copy the receiving address then click Add address you need to confirm the address entering activity through your registered email address.
  • after confirming your address Again goto Dashboard.
  • Then click the Payments option.
  • Now you can see the withdraw button is enabled to withdraw simply.
  • Now simply click withdraw Popup notice appears you need to confirm that before reading and make sure don’t withdraw to exchange wallet if they don’t support particular token you will be lost the amount you place for withdrawing your earned money.
  • The suggestive thing is should be withdrawn to your wallet directly.

After Confirming all the noticeable things on the popup screen then click the confirm button. Now your withdrawal request has been submitted successfully. All the withdrawal request which can be proceeded by the team members on every weak Monday so if you send your request on Tuesday(Today) you need to wait until Monday.

If you have further questions related to withdraw from publish0x or have any other topic curiosity want to tell us to write or make a separate video about it then surely you can comment as well we will appreciate your suggestions.