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How to Earn Money From Publish0x Platform curexmy
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How to Earn Money on Publish0x Platform

We are going to discussing the ways of making money on the Publish0x platform. We tell you on starting that, we have already covered in detail about this site in our previous post where we have discussed from A-Z Where you can read in detailed from the given post below.

Ways of Earnings

On publish0x the usual users, as well as the publishers, can make money on the publish0x platform.

How Users Can Earn?

Users Can Earn on publish0x by tipping other writers through reading other blogger’s posts. There is some restriction that the user can tip in some limited times a day and they can’t tip unlimited times, once the tipper click on the tip button then the count down starts and the user can’t tip until the timer ends. So if you are expecting more than the actually then it’s not good for this, relatively the publishers can earn more than users instead of just tipping it’s suggestive to write blogs/posts for earning more.

How Publishers Earn?

In short, the publishers can earn currently through signing-up with their content publishing program where the article posters can earn through readers who read their articles and give tips to publishers on their selective amounts but the tips are free for tippers they no need to add funds and pay through their personal pocket. Users just register and tip from the sponsored pool of the publish0x platform.

We have written about it in our previous post in detail that, How the content publishers/Articles writers can earn from the publish0x platform, therefore, we are not gonna write again the same thing, here again, we prefer you to go on and read comprehensively.

Start Earn Crypto on Publish0x

In our coming posts, we will cover more about this platform changes and updates made by the publish0x team. Send your quires for getting answers on the coming posts.