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FIO Protocol FIO Learn & Earn CoinMarketCap Airdrop

NameFIO Protocol FIO
PlatformOpen Source Public Blockchain For Crypto
No. ParticipantsRegistered Winners
Watch Videos4 Video Lessons
Answer QuestionsWatch Videos & Answer Quiz
TaskFollow & Complete on Gleam
PrizeUpto $10 FIO Coins


FIO protocol simply their token called FIO can possibly be traded on various exchanges such as Binance, Hotbit, Hoo, etc. The project is based on the idea of public blockchain providing a human-readable form of wallet addresses. The utility of the network is based on the universal acceptability of NFTs based on online identities and custom wallet address domains. The FIO held a contest learn and earn program on CMC to watch and earn video lessons, answer the questions fully correctly and grab the chance of winning part of the reward pool of FIO tokens.

Contest Expiry:

Requirements To Claim Reward

  • To claim the reward you must have an account of Binance exchange to provide USER ID and Withdrawl purposes.
  • You must be a registered user of the Coinmarketcap platform to successfully participate in the quiz and grab the reward. Sign up for your account at CMC.
  • To win the contest or grabbing the FIO Coins rewards you have to answer the EarnCMC FIO Protocol project campaign Questions, therefore you need to watch four videos below.
  • After watching the following videos, you need to answer the quiz correctly. Click to Next to start Quiz
  • To receive the chuck of winning pool share you have to create your Shapeshift App Wallet Download and create a wallet through email and password Make sure you preserve the password wisely.
  • You can check out the community possible answer found below end to possible answers quickly find out.
  • After answering all the questions you simply need to submit the quiz and wait for the contest to end to grab the reward.

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What is the FIO Protocol?

Making Crypto Joyful

The FIO Token

Claiming your FIO Address NFT

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