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How To Verify Account & Claim LBC Reward
Earn Crypto LBRY LBRY Credits

How To Verify Account & Claim LBC Reward

You may know about the project LBRY and want to create and verify your account in the right way to claim the welcome rewards available on the platform. Follow and you will learn through start to end what the process account verification of the We have already covered the familiarising phase of this project So that it’s highly preferred for you to read our previous posts to know the how now of this project.

Own LBRY Account

To going forwarding about claiming rewards you firstly having a new account or if you have already created an account then it’s good to go now. IF you want a new then it just simply needs to go through the below own LBRY account link and create a new one. You just need to click the below link you will be sent to the page of sign in to Enter Your email address and then click on Continue to account registration process and also agree with the Terms of services and should be older than 13 years.

Own LBRY Account

After clicking on the continue button you need now initially verify your email address then after confirmation continues to your account logged in the dashboard. Now It’s time to claim your rewards which are currently available on the platform for their new users.

LBRY Rewards

On you will earn of LBRY Credits several ways in which the free and easy ways to grab the easy money upon just creating your account. Following are the reward claiming formats through you can get free or through some steps earn LBRY Credits.

Welcome Reward

You will get free LBRY credits crypto upon just verifying your email address on This amount could be random or pre-settled by the administration as a welcome new user airdrop in LBC.

Casual User Reward

In this type of reward, you will earn LBC as a just normal user of lbry by watching videos on that’s why this reward name is Casual LBRYian Views Reward. It is a sequential level reward availing option grabbing by just watching different videos on so the bottom thing is that the more you watch the more you will earn through this type of reward providied by Currently, if we talk about the level 3 you required 50 views for completion but the condition is that only 10 views count per day so eventually, you will claim this reward after 5 days the amount of reward which disbursed is 6 LBC but it depends on the current pool as well.

Daily Watch Reward

This is a little easy but also having a simple tiny reward for users who watch any consistency of content on lbry they can earn as minimum as little 1 LBC at least for the daily content watch. You can claim simple daily check-in to dashboard play some interesting stuff enjoy and on end click to claim button for reward grab.

LBRY Inviter Bonus

LBRY invited bonus is based on some condition that the user who invites a new can claim this reward by entering the joiner code they give you of their channel to claim the reward. This condition required for claiming the reward that you must have verified account which you can see below how exactly you can verify your account. After that, the joiner and the person referred you about lbry both will incentivize.

Follower Reward

This reward condition is matched with the first reward type that there are sequential levels for claiming this reward you need 5 verified followers for completion of the second level. You will be incentives with 5 LBC currently upon completion.

Celebrity Reward

This reward is provided for some specific people who have a huge amount of following and having public figure personality and having the ability to gain massive popularity on platforms in term of the audience that’s why LBRY introduces Model, Rock star custom code with some set price amount to invite the specific person and claim their reward through custom code.

You can track your already claimed LBC rewards properly on the dashboard invite section that so far how and where yo incentivized.

Create LBRY Account

Verify Your LBRY Account For Reward Claim Eligibility

When you create your new account there is a condition for claiming rewards and it’s due to combating with abuse and multiple account registration from a single person for selfish intentions and vulnerability attacks that’s why you need to prove your identity also. Follow the steps and processes to confirm your account fully to become eligible for rewards.

First of all, you need to login to your account after account creation goto the reward section, you will see the option of your account Rewards open it. Now you will see the unlock reward option and follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Unlock rewards button
  • Then enter your channel username
  • After that, you redirected to the new page don’t worry just select the easiest way to verify
  • Let’s verify freely through Option Proof via chat

  • Click on the join LBRY chat button
  • You will be redirected to their LBRY Discord chat for verification
  • If you haven’t account of discord watch video about it through button how to create an account on Discord App
  • Join their channel and follow the instructions for verification
  • Now you need to just send message to verification BOT Hi which is enclosed in <>(right-click on it and select a message or you can copy the number id and search directly)
  • Send Message simply Hi and you will receive the further instructions BOT’s reply

  • After Sending Message Hi You will Receive instructions to verify your account
  • Simply open the page link and fill the details

  • Open the Verification LBRY page
  • Connect with one of channel your account with LBRY for identification
  • Secondly, provide your details
  • Enter your First Name and second family name make sure match with social profile
  • Enter your LBRY account linked email and enter your Discord account ID
  • Share Your interest in LBRY enter any line of the phrase you want
  • Also, fill give some feedback field
  • After all completion check once all details now click Submit For Inspection Button
  • And Now send Done, I have submitted a message to BOT for confirmation and wait until verification proceeds reply doesn’t close the ticket until it.

Usually Account get verified after In some minutes if you submitted all details correctly you will receive the reply from a bot that account has been verified! Now you are Eligible to enjoy the LBRY rewards Opportunity.

Come back to and search curexmy into the search section and follow us if not then watch our videos and support us through tips earn LBRY through different methods and enjoy the LBRY content freedom platform. In the upcoming posts, we will definitely cover the other aspects of platform features and how you can utilize and exchange their Native cryptocurrency regarding withdrawing to your wallet as well as wallet compatibility so lots of other topics need to be discussed.