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How To Become Publisher, Join Youtube Partner Program on & Make Money

As an alternative of youtube or Dailymotion that where you can publish on LBRY anything with freedom of content file sharing and also make money through by setting your content viewing price. On you can start your channel just confirm your email address and create your channel in a decentralized manner. You can upload your videos or any content whatever you want on your channel involvement of LBRY blockchain. LBRY is currently Providing a reward and syncing opportunity for existing lots of subscribers containing YouTubers to integrate their channel on the platform and claim rewards also.

LBRY + Youtube Partner Program

The subscriber count starts from 1k youtube channels will be incentivized with the accordingly given amount of LBRY Credits distributed amount them monthly disburse of total yearly reward to their LBRY account wallet. To get this reward you must have a youtube channel of start with 1k subscribers from 9 dollars to and up to 1 million subscribers of 600 dollars reward can be claimed in LBC on the LBRY × YouTube Sync program page through visiting their website and click on claim your channel Now.

LBRY + Youtube Partner Program
LBRY + Youtube Partner Program

Claim Youtube LBRY Reward

You just need to go to LBRY × YouTube Sync program page and click on the given claim your channel now button or simply scroll down little on-page and here you need to enter your youtube channel unique username then check the box to agree with the terms and condition of their partner program finally now click on claim now button. You will be redirected to accounts of your google linked youtube channel for authorization of your youtube channel ownership reward claim ability. After going through the confirmation process and got successful in the youtube channel fetching and syncing process then finally you will be able to claim and transfer youtube channel content on the LBRY channel publishes.

After you successfully claim and transfer your youtube channel these limitations will be applied on channel content publishing and features you can avail through this partnership. The main are you must have 100 subscribers youtube channel for syncing eligibility due to high demand on the platform, Only 1000 most recent videos will be fetched from your youtube channel and video quality will affect also according to limitations.

LBRY Credits Rewards Granted Follows Subscribers Counts

All these eligible amounts will disburse throughout the year in the monthly schedule.

1k 1,080 LBC 9.79 USD
10k 6,000 LBC 54.41 USD
50k 12,600 LBC 114.26 USD
100k 20,400 LBC 184.99 USD
500k 40,800 LBC 369.97 USD
1M 75,600 LBC 685.54 USD

Earn LBC as Channel Publisher

If you have successfully synced your youtube channel or created a new channel through verifying your email, if not so far going through the below channel creation button to create your account one on to start your channel to publish your content on the decentralized content platform start making money in LBRY credits cryptocurrency. Click on the below-given link and you will be redirected to the invitation page of the page for account creation. Simply click on the create account button and there you will be required to enter your email for invitations acceptance as well as for account generation in the LBRY index.

Create Channel

You will earn LBRY Credits through the currently enabled methods of using your channel.

Through Tips

The tip is the massive source of your earning LBC on the platform. Whenever you publish your content and it reaches enough audience and gets the attention of the viewer and will also get tips in support and love from your viewer or fans.

Lock Paid/Premium Content

It is the most useful and independent growth push feature of the for those who have some specific type of most unique and original/attractive and the viewer likes to pay for it and they want to grant access through paying a set price of the content. Even though the community is feeling little confusing about content security and publishers/creators content proper valuation revenue stream seriousness factors about content stolen and other vulnerable acts happen on a decentralized platform where no central control is established to maintain every policy owning.

Affiliated Content

It’s not limited to the platform works on other platforms also but there is also a very tried and tested way of earning and boosting your revenue as a publisher of any content. The sponsorship or affiliated content publishing on the platform to acquire customer or traffic for your product or someone else business it’s a matter of earning money for some set of criteria.

There is a huge potential within the platform eco-system to utilize it and earn money through it. the matter of time is that in upcoming posts we are going to discussing the easiest and fastest working methods or earning LBC and the use-cases or coin on blockchain for further future adoption and price valuation.

Let us know about your question if you have so that we like to include them with our answers in the upcoming posts to help you with a practical approach toward platform usage.