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How To Claim Uniswap UNI Token Airdrop Upto $2000
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How To Claim Uniswap UNI Token Airdrop Upto $2000 (UNI)
PlatformDecentralized Crypto Exchange Liquidity Providers
No. ParticipantsAll Users Transacted Until September 1, 2020, at 12:00 AM UTC.
RequiredHave You Used on Uniswap V1 or V2 contract Until September 1, 2020, at 12:00 am UTC.
Reward Upto Per Person400 UNI Swap Tokens ~$2000

Claim 400 UNISwap Tokens


How To Claim Uniswap UNI Token Airdrop Upto $2000

The market-leading liquidity provisions decentralized platform launched their native governance token called Uniswap UNI for building the global financial trading and crypto-assets swapping platform as a minimum trust environment to maintain the decentralization by following the vision of ethereum and blockchain core features. Uniswap decided to give 15% of the total of 1 Billion tokens(UNISwap Tokenomics). You can get the free 400 Uniswap worth of current price ~$5 = $2000 historic airdrop, So you should claim and sell as soon as possible to grab the maximum price returns, price drops due to people selling the high volume of Airdrop tokens.

Uniswap Current Price

Requirements to Claim Reward

  • You must have ethereum in your Metamask or Trust wallet to interact with the DEFI platform.
  • To complete the transaction As soon as possible make sure you must have ethereum equivalent to EtherGasStation Standard, Fast, or TRADER levels.
  • Go to and connect your existing wallet in which you transacted before 1 September 2020 and you will be found a popup or side banner option of eligibility to claim 400 Minimum Uni swap tokens.

Claimable Rewards
Historical liquidity providers4.92% pro-rata to all 49,192 historical LPs 49,166,400 UNI
Users10.06% split evenly across all 251,534 historical user addresses 100,613,600 UNI
SOCKS redeemers/holders0.02% to 220 SOCKS holders/redeemers 220,000 UNI
In case you are a Liquidity provider then you have the further option of claimable UNI tokens in the following levels.
  • Click on the Claim button and upon exiting connected wallet popup opens such as Metamask and complete transaction.
  • Make sure you add enough gas fee equivalent to the standard level according to EtherGasStation.
  • Due to the current gas fee rush and congestion on the ethereum network, you may face the higher fees for completing transactions although you change manually make sure you add a sufficient fee otherwise the transaction canceled and fees lost.
  • Tip. You can track the gas fee on curexmy or on ethergassstation directly to check for your suitable and appropriate gas amount. You may found out relatively low gas fee time between 02:00 AM and 08:00 AM IST, PKT due to the low transactional volume because of night time.
  • After successfully completing the transaction send or swap the amount to the relevant exchange currently, UNIswap token is listed UNISWAP itself, Binance, OKEx, Coinbase PRO, and other well-renowned exchanges with confident volume according to reported by coingecko.

Let us know any issue or question you have about Uniswap airdrop and tell us about on which price you sell uni swap and on which exchange. Enjoy Claim Now👍 !

Claiming Uniswap rewards

Claim 400 UNISwap Tokens