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Huobi Exchange $3000 Futures Telegram Group Invitation Giveaway
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Huobi Exchange $3000 Futures Telegram Group Invitation Giveaway

NameHuobi Futures Official – English Telegram Group
PlatformHuobi Crypto Exchange Perpetual Swap Trading
No. Participants100 Lucky Winners
RequiredHuobi Swap/Futures Trading ID Verified Account Holder
Group MemberTelegram Huobi Futures english Group Member
Min-Max Invitations5-50+ Invitations Add Members in Group
Reward Upto Per Person$20 ETH – $1000 ETH

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Huobi Exchange $3000 Futures Telegram Group Invitation Giveaway

Huobi Crypto Exchange announced a giveaway on September 10th for their telegram futures trading English version group members and for their Huobi swap, futures trading verified account holders. Note. the Huobi perpetual swap futures trading is not currently available in the following countries/territories. Bangladesh, Cuba, Ecuador, Guam, Hong Kong (China), Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Marshall Islands, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Samoa Eastern, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, United States of America. you may also see the notice while completing your verification for futures trading account.

Contest Expiry

Requirements to Claim Reward

  • You must have an Huobi crypto exchange account then verify your identity make sure you are belonging from the available countries list.
  • Then simply open your Huobi futures trading account by goto this link or navigate through the website navigation bar.
  • After successfully opening your account join their telegram group of Huobi Futures English version.
  • Simply join the group and invite members in the group by adding the members from the telegram add members option by navigating through the group menu on mobile or desktop app.
  • Add at least 5 members to win a chance of $20 worth of ETH or add 50 members for reserving the chance of winning $1000 worth of Etheruem Cryptocurrency.
  • You can invite more than 50 members to the group to increase the probability to 100% of wining $1000 worth of ETH and 90% probability of getting a $20 ETH reward.
  • You must have opened your Huobi perpetual account before the contest ends otherwise you cannot grab the reward.
  • 100 lucky winners will be selected who invite at least 5 members added into the group and each one will receive $20 worth of ETH Giveaway.
  • You will be contacted privately from Huobi telegram administration for lucky winner information confirmation and you can provide your Huobi account UID to receive the reward.
  • The reward amount will be disbursed to the winners after the 5 days of the contest.

Join Huobi $3000 ETH Telegram Member Invitation Giveaway