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Bityard $800 $ETH Crypto Writing Contest & Giveaway Crypto Airdrop on Publish0x

NameBityard Crypto Exchange
PlatformPublish0x Blogging Site
No. ParticipantsWinners 12 Authors
CreationWrite Article, Bityard, or Video About Bityard Exchange
TweetTweet Your tweet on Twitter
Twitter Giveaway10 Winners Each = $5 $ETH
Reward pool$800 $ETH


Bityard is the contract based cryptocurrency exchange founded in early 2020. The vision behind the motivation is not just to allow the users a market competent crypto trading platform also simplifying the complex contract-based trading. The exchange is based in Singapore. Publish0x and Bityard team cooperatively conducting $800 worth of Ethereum article Writing, video, and Twitter tweet contest on their blog publishing platform. In which 12 author Winners a total pool of $700 distribute $ETH & $50 in ETH for the Twitter Giveaway.

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