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Publish0x Platform Write & Read Blogs and Earn Money Full Review
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Publish0x Platform Write & Read Blogs and Earn Money Full Review

In this detailed article, we are going to reviewing the Publish0x crypto agnostic platform, which started in late 2018 provisioning the platform for publisher’s articles writing and for readers to read quality content on Publish0x. Below Continue your are going to reading about Publish0x.

What is Actually Publish0x Platform? How does it’s work? What is the vision of Publish0x Platform developers? how to make money on the publish0x platform? How to Become a publisher on publish0x Platform? how the publish0x tipping mechanism work?

Quick Overview of Publish0x

This platform is compatible with ethereum blockchain currently but they claims that they are crypto agnostics and don’t have created their own token and want to provide true decentralization for their users. The name of this platform is PUBLISH and the 0x is silent as they have mentioned on their introductory page you can read through the footer of this platform currently by “How it’s work” name. The team of Publish 0x compare their platform with the Medium and Steemit for understanding and what is the vision behind publish0x.

Publish0x is not only restricted for crypto-related content this is the crypto-backed Content publishing platform for content writers and readers who like to read quality content for better time spend and knowledge improvement.

So this seems great and the publishers and readers earn crypto as well you will read in the below section how they pay and where from this revenue come from. so this is the quick introduction about the puclish0x platform and now talk about a quick start with this awesome platform and backed by the revolutionary idea.

Quick Start with Publish0x

If you are interested in this web and cross-platform, you should create your account on publish0x, and learn about how to earn by reading and posting genuine content. For creating an account at publish0x it’s simple to start just through going the below-given account creation button.

Create your Account on Publish0x

Creating a new account at PUBLISH 0x is as simple as easy like a few clicks and you can get your account at pblish0x. After going through the above-given button.

Click on the sign-up button for creating your new account after you click you will see the next page where they acquire you to fill the required fields, there also you have two others options for signing up through facebook and twitter accounts as well, but it’s your chose through which you like to create.

Creating Account through filling Required fields: Enter your Email password and confirm password then click on Register button, you will probably receive the confirmation email from Publish0x for you email validity. after confirmation of email, you will be redirected to Account Dashboard.

congratulations! you have now your account at publish0x. Now you can earn money through Reading and writing as well.

How Readers Earns

for earning through reading blogs or articles you must have an account of publish0x for managing your withdrawals and overall earnings. currently, Anyone of registered users can earn crypto on Publish0x but in-future it’s probably could change. It’s hard and not comfortable for everyone to write quality content and do research work then post and again do the same thing then wait for earning it’s the core backbone of this platform but they are also taking care of readers who are spending time on Platform.

Readers can earn through tipping and tipping is given  by publish0x sponsors who have sponsored their project for publicity on Publish0x Platform just like advertisements the other platform kept the funds by own and only share with selective publishers and based on their views like that but they are using the same procedure but share the cryptos with publishers and readers as well below image you can see exactly how tipping work.

images for tipping publish0x platform

Above Given image, you can see the example of giving tip to anyone who is the publisher of the publish0x platform. when any reader of publish0x platform give the tip to any publisher of article, the reader has the option how much tip they want to share with publisher either 0% to 100% between them but currently 20% is at least minimum tip is important to give because if you read the article and learning as well but hard work and effort is put by writer so this is good setting by publish0x that 20% is minimum to give at least for publisher whether you read fully post or not.

currently, when the reader gives the tip to the publisher the page moves itself automatically and shows the sponsor’s name and logo with relative links on the block section on the above of the blog post you can see in the below-given image.

How to become Publish0x Publisher

If you like to write quality content on digital pages like post and if you have website like curexmy on any CMS like WordPress blog or are like to start your journey as a blogger or content writer then you should try this awesome job from today and start practicing with publish0x but before successful you should write some quality content like posts on blogger or medium like platform where you should write at least 10 – 20 posts on any topic you like but keep in mind you know about the basics of content writing for becoming a publish0x and make money as a content writer.

for Now, publish0x is only allowing the genuine publishers or content writers who deserve to becoming a publish0x publisher and make money this is because of maintaining the quality standard of content which is continuously published on the publish0x platform.

Becoming a fully regular publisher of the publish0x platform you need to follow some instructions which are not very difficult but must follow otherwise it’s not possible to earn stable income on the publish0x platform.

Submit Request for becoming Publisher of Publish0x: It is easy you need to click on the above right selection menu Become Author and they redirect you to the author submission page which looks like the below-given image. where you need to provide all the required details about your blog if you become successful publisher of publish0x platform it’s highly recommended to fulfill all the fields carefully in which they acquired currently your previously posted articles on other platforms basically they check your work quality before giving you permission for writing on their platform. It’s recommended to provide 5 – 8 post/articles links in this section for successful verification.

In the Next section filed they acquired that what about your blog is and what content you gonna post if become publisher, so here you should explain precisely, shortly and straight forwardly about your category and based on your mind-set. And the other fields you can fill on your chose then check all the checkboxes and click submit.

author submition at publish0x platform

Now you have successfully submitted your request for becoming an author on the publish0x platform. Your Request will be review by Author Test Verification Team Members to become an author of the platform for making money through crypto.

We will cover in the upcoming posts about How to Make Maximum income on Publish0x platform and How To withdraw your earnings rightly from the platform which is only available on Mondays for withdrawal Completion.

Write your queries in Comments about your request submission and if any other problem you are facing on the publish0x platform. we will cover more things in upcoming posts because this is a very amazing platform and taking lots of research for deeper understandings.