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Thetan Arena Crypto Game Review How To Play and Earn On Desktop Or Mobile

Thetan Arena Crypto Game Review How To Play and Earn On Desktop/Mobile

The game platform launched in mid-2021 was founded by Wolffun game incorporation, the CEO based in Vietnam. The Wolffun studio founded in 2014 had already created several games and gained massive success in the gaming industry, received different prizes from google and best editors tags at the play store. Thetan Arena had already gained 5 million users have played the game so far.

Thetan Arena

Thetan arena is a MOBA and battle Royal multimode game based on cryptocurrencies and NFTs reward system supporting with Binance chain and kardiachain. In the upcoming implementation, 42 players can play in the game and can battle online.

Thetan Arena Game Economy

In the thetan arena, there are two main coins Thetan Gem THG and Thetan coin THC. The THG will use as a governance utility and the THC will be used as an earning token within the platform for player’s incentives or rewards. The supply of THG is 420 million maximum which brings the great opportunity for price appreciation in the future when the popularity of the platform increases and more and people get interested to start playing thetan arena game.

The thetan coin has infinite supply with the users increase and claiming process increases from gTHC to THC conversion happens in the game economy the supply increases. Currently, about 30 million tokens have been minted so far.

Thetan Arena Marketplace

Thetan Arena Marketplace

On the thetan arena marketplace, you can purchase different NFTs based on rare heroes with specific characteristics. After maximum claiming of THC tokens, you have to increase your marketplace purchase volume to increase your earnings and level up in the game ecosystem. So if you are fully interested and continue to hunt for a higher rank in the game then you should participate in the marketplace with your due diligence.

How To Play and Earn in Thetan Arena Game?

The game is available on cross platforms. The users can install the setup at any device with normal hardware capacity, Android, iPhone, Windows.

Before logging into registering and installing game software visit the marketplace and link your wallet with the registered email account which will help you receive your earnings quickly and directly.

Thetan arena Login screen

You can practice and understand the user interface in the practice mode. Initially, in the game you will be assigned 3 heroes with you will play battle and win the rounds. The 50 days season is ongoing in which the different tournaments happen then the leaderboard ranking will be decided accordingly. Theoretically, you can learn more about game modes.

How To Play and Earn in Thetan Arena Game?

How To Register On Thetan Arena Via Mobile Trust Wallet?

If you don’t know how to use trust wallet go to the link check the tutorial and then visit the thetan arena marketplace link your wallet and complete the registration by submitting your email and confirming it.

How To Register On Thetan Arena Via Mobile Trust Wallet?

Heroes gTHC Battles

Heroes gTHC Battles

Accordingly, to different specifications and rarity, the reward system is decided based on the characteristics of heroes.

How To Claim Thetan Arena Earnings?

How To Claim Thetan Arena Earnings

Goto market place wallet section and click the gthc claim button. Minimum convertible THC is 30 and the maximum is 60 after that you can increase your limits by participating in games with paid heroes and rare skin characters with more opportunities. Currently, you can earn 10 gthc just by playing the game little and you can convert at level bronze 🥉 and sell to the market. Currently, the price of THC is 0.27 around it may decline or increase as per game economy changes.

Let Us Known

If we have missed anything above let us know in the comments below and what’s your level of interest in the game and what rarity skin character for battle you bought.