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We have already covered in detailed but we feel and received questions about platform legitimacy and people want to know about payment proof regarding publish0x. As the crypto market is very much mysterious in some cases. People like to come on this platform and start their journey with blogging and content publishing with the advantage of making money in crypto. The rest one readers who just read content doesn’t contribute anything currently no matter what happens in the future as the digital market is very dynamic, things change very drastically. It is very possible that like medium publish0x will change their policy and start charging from visitors/readers for reading articles on publish0x But we are not guessing and even predicting it’s just comparison and just mind thoughts. This Channel is Not For Particularly Crypto it’s For Whole Financial Market Exploring Field and Technical Analysis plus discussion Market Dynamics and Fundamentals and huge changes in Market Situations. Subscribe to this Channel For Live and Recorded Information this Will Help in Future Things and Dynamic Recognition for Multiple Areas Dimensions.