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New Crypto Launch's Low Market Cap What's will Happen with Prices _
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New Crypto Launch’s Low Market Cap What’s will Happen with Prices?

From 2016 – 2017 Crypto Market Bull Run starts the market hype with the ethereum’s quick smart contract execution and massive token creation over full the market with shitcoins and what’s happened then is that the investor’s interest and community become bore from the useless projects which are launching and listing on exchanges back to back.

cryptocurrencies over full in market listings curexmy

Cryptos Listed So Far

As you can see in the above screenshot that the total number of cryptocurrencies listed on well-known crypto market capitalization sites where the massive traffic comes on a regular basis. Those of them the coinmarketcap which has listed yet is 3041 currently (increasing gradually) & the coingecko which is also start’s in early 2014 this site has reached 5968 number of crypto’s listed on their website ranking data. The third one coincodex which is started in mid-2017 also very known for its traffic from the U.S according to visitors geographically data tracks, this site has listed 3282 crypto’s so far.

why we are describing the number of cryptos are listed so far on crypto ranking and listing data sites the reason is behind them because the market cap is also decreasing even restricted just for top major crypto assets which are very common and natural reason behind them.


Ranging MarketCap

Crypto Market Cap curexmy

Above Screenshot, the graph shows the idea about the total money invested in the crypto market from the year 2014 to currently 2019. the total market cap is important to identify the future market moves and coming directions. It gives us an idea about investor’s interests and the annual community drives the market to different levels.

In 2017 Ends the Market cap was around 795 Billion and the 24-hour volume was 50 Billion so from that time the market never reach these highs and even never test these highs. The major crypto market events and news come from facebook and big giants are also entering the crypto industry but they are least interested in crypto than Blockchain technology. Therefore, we can say that the market need equilibrium and once it gains it then the real positioning starts.

The next coming year, facebook schedule for libra launch in 2020 it’s the major adoption and awareness event in the crypto and blockchain technology.

Real-life Usecases

every token and crypto is should be created with back vision and mindset of any kind of solid use and utility for their market valuation. unfortunately the process of creating token and starting the ICO is very easy to launch just with fancy website and whitepaper.

The pioneer of an idea, bitcoin was created with the experimental project for peer-to-peer transactions and real-life use cases gave us the liberty from banks mafia and third-party payment processors.

Token creation and tokenization is the best way to share the ownership with investors or partners with the particular working model but in crypto the people who want to start Ponzi or pyramid scheme with the hype of bitcoin and their prices and people’s sentiment of FOMO (fear of missing out) they take the advantage of the environment, develop massive tokens do ICO’s make the market risky even distrustful and full with shitcoins.

Nowadays, people feel about crypto is like “useless bits and scammers worthless websites Marketing videos” that’s it but it’s not at all truth about it the technology never proved to be useless and never waste to ignore it will come up with real use cases and idea of problems solutions and adopt with real market valuation wait for equilibrium.

Current Situation

The existing projects are currently struggling for funds and prices move for high liquidity and want to rise the investor’s interest. The existing Holders are not at all are happy to see when they look at the top high falling wedge of 2017’s spike the wan that level desperately. New projects either real-life problem solving or just similar useless bits for struggling to listed on top-notch exchanges and want trading volume but the thing is how long will this continue like that.

we can say that more awareness more adoption and that mean people will start finding stability in this industry it’s natural and common result is when a group of people has believed in some this solid thing the other’s will join them and continue the same thing and the trend starts with the particular idea. when the market finds the stability and regulations with different region rules and becomes compatible with majority this thing is the need for the crypto + blockchain industry.

So what should the individuals do and think about it? The simple clear cut conclusion is that stay in the game grab your nearby opportunities share relative healthy information, stay updated that important make decisions according to trend and ait for stability.