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Everrex Trade Scam ⚠ Alert Don’t Get Confuse Pyramid Scheme With Business Opportunity

The website Everrextrade .com registered on 13 March 2018 with GoDaddy domain registrar seems unknown about the real owner of this investment based crypto and forex trading bots providing website. We will try to investigate this web-based AI-auto trading bots selling and looks appealing investment scheme whether it’s a legit scheme or another pyramid scam to loot newcomers, innocent people, hard-earned money on the internet. We will see together about their plan and marketing tactics and give you a conclusive overview either it is a legit business or need to aware of the ongoing scam and have to report to local legal investigation authorities to stop the marketers from promoting scams blindly for their personal short term selfish profits and block the domain to protect crypto and forex market from scams and disastrous defamation.

Everrex Trade Logo

EverrexTrade Or Crypto Wallet Confusion

EverrexTrade and are the two different projects in the field of crypto and financial market so despite the simpler kind of naming pronunciation don’t get confused about them because is based on the smart contract-based wallet and borrowing, lending concept along with a crypto wallet and an ERC-20 based crypto token. Their both are different and don’t confuse that everrextrade is legit because their coin is listed and tradable on Binance world popular crypto exchange, they both are different and their logos are different from each other can be seen easily.


They claim it as their native token and mentioned in the account dashboard as well promoted by marketers that it’s in an ICO phase but the thing is what is the blockchain of their coin or token is it they are using other blockchain or creating their own. They mention nothing about it even not written about the feature of their coin have or use case nothing in actual but start ICO and selling their coins on the name so-called AI bots which they have not shown any kind of reliability or potential past profits generation transparent proofs and started promoting it’s completely wired and a red sign of a scam.

Why & How Everrextrade .com is An illegal Pyramid Scheme & Ongoing Biggest Scam?

So be short and quickly try to understand what is a pyramid scheme and why it is considered illegal. Pyramid schemes are mainly based on taking investment from joining members and giving them market top lucrative profit rates on a weakly, monthly, or quarterly basis. The biggest problem with a pyramid scheme is that they are not focusing on business rather than focusing on recruiting new members by their high rates of commission system which are usually exceptional than any other ordinary marketing business direct or in-direct commissions that’s why the marketers get highly interested in them and act according to their criminal intentions and plans which are highly illegal and opposite to the social sustainability.

As we have mentioned earlier that pyramid schemes are highly based on recruiting new members into the system using looks good appealing marketing teams and marketers in-person which are usually in Paint-Coat suits or Dress which give the normal fresh people who are not aware of them look apparently legitimate and real high rich business person, in reality, they are simple in general hand to mouth people who work on a daily basis for regular average income.


The serious and have to understand the problem with pyramid schemes is that they cannot work or run their business without trapping new members and attract their money in the system because of the reason they run their business on impossible commitments and claims that’s why they have to join or attract new fresh unaware people in the system to fund the older members to keep their scheme positive remained open their scheme as long as they can recruit new members in the system.

You can see in the above-given image that always it is not possible to recruit new members in the system due to earth limited population in virtual examples of fictionary possibilities. The reason for this fact the criminal minds start branding and manipulating the marketing words with the product and business looks legitimate things mixing the system in words and graphics to foolish people without giving them a proper wider picture of their base pyramid scheme.

Something like the ongoing scam Everrextrade looks like below you can simply verify the figures and facts and decide your self whether they are pyramid scam or you think that the figures are wrong and this is a real business let us know in the comments. So that we can change our opinion or re-think our analysis.

EverrexTrade Money Trapping & Commitments Model

The company claim themselves a crypto and forex AI-auto trading Bots investment packages web platform and call themselves as legitimate crypto, forex trading business but keep in mind they are not what the are claiming. The company is offering different packages prices from $100 to $2400 including $20 purposeless so-called activations fees. All the packages offer the returns in 6-12 months and give payouts on a weakly basis such as a member can withdraw profit on every Sunday. Whenever the new member purchase a new package or AI auto trading bot they claim it as assigning a bot on the behalf of an investor in their system by putting your investment into their account through global payment channels such as currently only Bitcoin & Perfect Money and just to showoff for looking legitimate added which are not supported at all VISA, Skrill, Neteller & their Imaginary product Everrexcoin.

There is only Bitcoin and Perfect Money is available because both these systems allow them to work anonymously but not completely they can be tracked by the blockchain network if they use exchanges wallets for selling their bitcoin they can be easily traced by their receiving bitcoin addresses. They have not made available VISA, Skrill & Neteller because each of them requires a high level of accountability of company legal ship and AML(Anti Money Laundering) filters and they block the people who allegedly involved in the pyramid & fraudulent schemes. So this is the major RED FLAD/SIGN for you if you thinking about or interested in their investment based pyramid scheme.

EverrexTrade Fraudulent Fictionary Returns Commitments

The company claims that their trading bots can generate up to 300% profit for every bot package investor or purchaser. The reality of the forex and crypto market or even every financial market such as the stock market, commodity market is that no everyone every time can be turned out in profit in fact 90% of the retail traders including AI bot made a loss in the short-term and even surprisingly looks appealing forex market 95% of the retails trader loses money in the longer period. So how a company which has no known ability to sustain in the highest risky market can claim 3X or 300% profit to every investor.

The harsh reality of the trading market is that very possibility at the moment you are closing your trade-in profit and someone else stranger unknown in the other side opening their trade-in loss unfavorable wrong trade which will cost them real money loss and vice versa at the moment you are opening your loss wrong decisive trade in the unfavorable direction and someone unknown on the other side closing their trade-in profit such as popularly Big Banks.

Conclusively we can say that Forex, Crypto, Stocks, and other markets are highly based on selfish behavior where no real business value is happening everyone has the mindset to buy low and sell high so how can you compete in this equality knowledge distributed mindset ecosystem where everyone has the same mindset you claim that can be profitable and can return payout according to your commitments. How Real it is?

BOTS Are Not Humans But Are Programmed By Humans

Trading robots are programmed by humans such as programmers or coders which are runs or execute on trading platforms such as MT4/MT5 usually.

People new the market thought that only humans can lose in the forex or crypto market but bots always make the right trades and give us profit actually you are completely unaware of trading bots fundaments.

Forex or trading bots are nothing but a piece of code which executes on the trading software and open and close trades on certain conditions such as support and resistance similar to how a human make the trading strategy so simple if a human can open a trade on any time frame support level and can be done losses similarly bot can do too that’s why Don’t consider trading BOTS as profit-making angels, these just work how a programmer to trigger a software how to make decisions that’s it.

Don’t get confused or manipulate by the marketing hyped word trading bot because forex markets and crypto are highly defamed by big banks price manipulators and crypto whales that’s why no any bot or a human can make a profit always on their entries but the thing called MM money management can make you profitable after weak or after the month being consistent and using right risk management strategy.

Pyramid Scheme Packages

All the packages or bots prices are highly based on the pyramid system calculation formula by trapping the money invested in a formula of lower package max return value of higher package price. The meaning of LPRHPP this short form is that the prices of their packages are in a structure of pyramid scheme that the minimum investment is 100$ and the maximum return on that particular minimum investment is $300 and the amazing thing which made them pyramid of having the same price of the higher package which generally means that they payout the returns from new investor money of package price 300 dollars which organically made them a confirm pyramid scheme. similarly, you can verify and see in the above bots price image.

EverrexTrade Almost Zero Legal Respectable Online Recognition References.

The website claim as UK based company registered with the company’s houses promoting the UK GOVT. Official authority and claiming them selfs as a legit source of invest scheme but you have to keep in mind lots of companies which are involved in the pyramid and Ponzi schemes got certificates from this organization and did scam to people such as Questra World name related Atlantic global asset management pyramid scheme which is currently dissolved who work on the similar type of marketing behavior so it’s advisable and opinion that doesn’t trust on them even 1 percent by seeing the companies house certificate.

The company has almost nothing reach on their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and youtube only having 1-2k followers which also badly saying paid fake followers gotten from some paid networks. The company claims itself international but it has currently zero recognition on the internet globally only promoted by already multilevel marketing pyramid schemes involved sub-continent culprits just for the selfish commissions.

According to the SECP and Jamapunji Pakistan legal financial institutions warning, all the Ponzi pyramid schemes promotions, joinings are completely illegal and the person responsible for having any kind of liability solely causes him/her to handle in the case of any action taken against him by them.

EverrexTrade Scam Exposed 3 Proved RED Flag/Sings

First that they are not receiving payments from the legit sources. We are not saying that bitcoin is not legit but having almost no legal audit could be even riskier in case of a scam pyramid scheme then you should 100% avoid it.

The second red flag is that their profit claiming commitment is completely fictionary and impossible claims just to attract new investments in their trape. Unfortunately, the majority of investors are fresh comers from underprivileged areas, who want to change quickly their financial circumstances and become trapped by these scammers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and related underprivileged south-Asian countries where the weak systems of GOVT. bodies who have less investigatory systems to quickly shutdown those scams.

The third red flag is that the company has not enough recognition in the international references index such as youtube, Facebook, and other financial data analyzing websites for verifying purposes. Their Alexa Ranking is completely zero that’s why building trust in them is a completely stupid decision because they have even not any active transparent payouts receiving community to assure whether they are paying or not. If in case they are legit to pay then how they are paying and what about their BOTS ROI generating real transparency check. So that the system should not allegedly involve in a pyramid system to pay returns of funds that are attracted by new members.

What About Marketers, Is It They Care About Your Money?

In reality they not in fact they put the selfish so-called disclaimer in English for the Urdu & Hindi speaking people so that they will have harder to read and easy to ignore at the beginning of their videos and start promoting scams.

The purpose of the disclaimer invention is not to trape the people into scam schemes rather than made for the warning and alert people to don’t miss understand the actual purpose of the video. The marketers usually put a disclaimer to protect themself for judicial remarks and different criminal allegation legal phases. So you have to enough self-aware that those sugar quoted speaking words, good looking suit-wearing people do not care about your money in fact they want the short term benefit by scamming your hard-earned money.

An internal investigation found that on of the female marketer pretended in the video that she is depositing 2000+ dollars to bitcoin receiving address in the EverrexTrade account but in reality, She has not deposited a single satoshi to that address which is shown in the video but the numbers incremented after the video countdown pause maybe the admin of web has already commented that a virtual demo amount I will add to a demo account for making a promotional video so basically they earned and deposit nothing but showed numbers to innocent people for trapping their hard-earned money.

What If You or Your Known One Get Benefited Or Want to Prove EverrexTrade is Not a Not Pyramid Scheme and Real Business Opportunity?

First of all the important thing is the pyramid scheme not claims that it not pay any amount to the investor actually they payout organizing to build trustless initially and later on when they completed or feel that attract their desired funds to runaway then after they start excusing and showing signs of goodbye to the later investors.

Normally pyramid schemes work 6-18 Months if they are based on value or money generating system if not they can easily collapse in just 6-12 months after the few clients package expiry if the new recruiters coming slowdown or completely off trust.

So if you want to invest in this high risk containing scheme then you have to wait 8-16 months if you found enough proofs and found sufficient real payouts, not just emails or photoshop images proofs of payouts through bitcoin explorer. Usually, these schemes collapse naturally if they failed to develop interest among freshers to invest money because they are highly or saying not wrong completely dependent on new investors to pay the existing older investors.

If you want to prove this company right you have to provide enough sufficient evidence of payouts and their BOT’s real ROI generating withdrawals as well as bitcoin address balance real holdings withdrawals along with stats and screenshot in the comments below so that we can analyze to change our perspective to re-think.

If you are victimized by any kind of pyramid, Ponzi schemes then let us know in the comment so that newcomers can teach themself to avoid these scams and build enough reports to send towards legal authority in supporting the shutdowns those scams.