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Bityard Exchange Review Overview Of Features Comparison

The cryptocurrency, CFDs, also known as derivatives and contract-based exchange founded in late 2019 with aim of simplifying the margined and leverage trading for the day-to-day virtual traders. In this post onward we will introduce you to a little young but enough established well-known cryptocurrency exchange so that you can utilize its features and get an initial how-know of their platform.

Bityard Exchange Overview

Bityard is a multi-regional recognized licensed crypto-contracts trading exchange such as ACRA Singapore, MSB United States, and Estonia regulated centralized exchange which generally considered as that the exchange department has not just the virtual unknown existence but also have check-n-balances of physical regulatory departments.

Bityard Contract Simplified

As we all know that the crypto market is still yet to be mature and considered as a trusted source of income-stream to build faith around masses so that’s why simplification and straightforwardness is a crucial step here. High volume crypto trading such as leverage or margin trading contains high-frequency systems and technical requirements which solved by bityard for individual traders on their platform.

Although different centralized exchanges providing perpetual and non-perpetual contracts on their platforms such as Binance and other exchanges. They have their own simple to complex or possibly complex simple mechanism, the thing is that we need simple and just so that the traders have such flexibility how to trade and when to trade.

On Bityard you can avail currently three types of trading systems which are following.

Spot Trading

Most less risker considered trading especially in stocks and crypto because it has the liberty of how long you can hold a particular asset until it reaches your favorite price level so that you become easy to sell it. This type of trading is now the most commonly available for market participants. In which they can own multiple assets for unlimited time and whenever they can sell it on any exchange that means they can transfer it to other exchanges as well.

Contract Trading

Early days, contract trading was used for commodities and natural resources for futures contracts based on written agreements with expiry dates. Times pushed things forward and it implemented in different markets now. Popularly using nowadays in the cryptocurrency market to give the high volume of leverage to the small capital investors, giving them the opportunity to avail the margin of high volume and make a profit out of it.

In contract trading, a large amount of volume can be bought and sell from the brokerage funds at just a click away and possibly having a scope of making high returns. On Bityard exchange, the traders can avail up to 100x leverage(Not recommended) on single order placement.


The derivatives contain various index assets and a variety of security instruments such as commodities to trade their general price change. On Bityard the participants can trade the derivates of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, and other indexes of Stock markets. In derivates, the traders can avail up to 200x leverage scope of making a profit from derivates micro price movements.

Bityard Demo Trading Over Real Trading

Yes, Bityard maybe not first but surely on the higher list in which the exchange is also providing demo trading in crypto contracts on their margin trading platform. It’s very considered as beneficial for the newbies as well as experienced traders to paper trade the particular instrument before going to place a real order with actual funds. Bityard users can experience a $100K Demo balance for testing, experiencing the instrument whenever you want.

Bityard $250+ Welcome Bonus

You can simply open up your account now and you have the facility to claim the welcome bonus which will benefit you in case of trading fees reduction and give you an opportunity to trade without fees. To claim the promotional amount simply goto to the page and complete the relevant steps such as creating a username, login pin/password, making the first deposit & others.

What is Daily Mining On Bityard?

The daily mining of Bityard is the daily claim of some cryptos gift amounts which you can transfer to your fees reducing reserve which will help you in the zero-fees trading facility. You can simply claim daily crypto rewards from the daily mining page by clicking on rock picture cryptos separated icons.

Register & Claim $250 Welcome Bonus

Bityard Launched Copy Trading

New traders or having not sure knowledge while choosing or executing trades on market, I think copy trade with optimal selection of a leader for copying trades will be a great option. In copy trading on Bityard the experts who are having great reports about their routine trades and positive outcome of maximum trades. They can publicize themselves and gain a chance of parallel income of relative copiers.

Bityard app is available on android and app store to download, log in to copy trade start with minimum as $5 invest and ready to order place in your account.

Bityard BYD Crypto Native Token

Oh what this BYD is you may be curious about it when you listen about daily mining BYD. Ah, actually it’s not a POS(Proof of Work) based coin. It’s just a digital currently non-tradable and untraceable but according to Bityard’s claim that there are in total 210 million tokens in supply and 10.24 tokens are added in the welcome bonus promotional program to give the opportunity of the new user to reduce the trading fees as low as zero fees. Every user can claim up to 16 BYD tokens currently you cannot Deposit or Withdraw BYD but can Mine or claim by Daily check-in on the Daily mining promotion page.

Bityard Exchange Technical Security Level

The exchange has enabled SSL certificate for secure data transmission and overall experience on search engine rankings. Users can enable 2FA of Mobile authentication so far but more preferable is Google 2FA hope it will be an add-on in the future. The users can manage to withdraw address management to add trusted and own withdrawal address of wallets so that no chance of unwanted, unauthorized withdrawals occur.

Trading Order Execution & Liquidity

Currently, Bityard is not listed on any crypto coins and token exchanges capitalization evaluation platforms such as coingecko and coinmarketcap that’s why we cannot consider this exchange as transparent to trust quickly without having a public lively statistically analysis available for the absolute time.

According to Bityard trading pair of Bitcoin / USDT currently at this time(Writing), there is $48k 24H hour volume which is considered as low volume according to competent and reliable crypto exchanges trade execution liquidity for market orders.

Liquidity comes with a variety of users, which means the more users will register to the exchange and place an order in the order book this will simply solve the liquidity or low volume issue but different exchanges integrate their system with other exchanges to meet the liquidity criteria for fast order execution seamless experience for traders.

Closing Thoughts

No doubt that the users always want to test the new platform to spice up their trading experience that’s why it’s suggestive and preferred to switch between exchanges to overcome the boring thoughts. Although contract-based trading currently possible on centralized systems so depending solely on a single platform, it’s also not a good habit switching for a better experience, and finding an improved version of trading is also an interesting thing.

So yes, you can test the Bityard centralized trading exchange and if you are happy and comfortable with their fee structure and Deposit/Withdrawl process then why not trade on bityard as well. Let us know your experience about bityard or if anything we missed up then also remind us in the comments below.