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Stop Investing in Crypto BIG Misunderstanding

We are not going to disappointing or discouraging you from getting into crypto, in fact, we are in crypto and have a great prolong time in crypto.We are just filtering your own believes about Cryptocurrencies or investing in crypto for a shorter or long-run perspective.So keep in mind that in this mind-changing post we are just showing you the real face of investing and trading crypto assets. Investing in Crypto Basically the first day most probably you get into Cryptocurrency due to the hot attracting reason of generating High Profits from high volatility and therefore most of the time and most people start investing or buying cryptocurrencies.Some people invest in crypto before doing some detailed analysis that is also good but some noob people even not know the basics of t

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Cryptocurrency Market Rush with Shitcoins

Recently Coinmarketcap Has Just Crossed 4000+ Listed Crypto and the Coingecko Famous Cryptocurrency Market Status Watch Site has Just Crossed Listing above 6000+ this is a very ridiculous thing for the whole crypto market.The question arrives in the market that some of the new listings have not real market value, we know that this is a very boring fact about crypto and everybody has know already. Crypto 2020 The market makers are already excited about this rush market where the noob involvements as still willy-nilly optimistic.So Now We also know this that next year is holding importance for crypto due to bitcoin halving and Facebook libra launch news.

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