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Stop Investing in Crypto BIG Misunderstanding

We are not going to disappointing or discouraging you from getting into crypto, in fact, we are in crypto and have a great prolong time in crypto.

We are just filtering your own believes about Cryptocurrencies or investing in crypto for a shorter or long-run perspective.

So keep in mind that in this mind-changing post we are just showing you the real face of investing and trading crypto assets.

Investing in Crypto

Basically the first day most probably you get into Cryptocurrency due to the hot attracting reason of generating High Profits from high volatility and therefore most of the time and most people start investing or buying cryptocurrencies.

Some people invest in crypto before doing some detailed analysis that is also good but some noob people even not know the basics of the investing or fundamentals of investment or purchasing and selling in business and the very important factor of booking loss or profit from their chosen decision.

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On early beliefs, people start investing in bitcoins this makes the market more manipulated and unnatural.

Therefore so far the market cannot get sufferable equilibrium for long-run market investor’s confidence for now been lots of myths are revolving in the market for confusing the holders of crypto.

Why You Should Not Invest in Crypto?

Again we would like to keep in your mind that we are not restricting you for investing or buying selling crypto assets.

Basically the purpose of this writing and reading is specifically for noobs as well as early entries who have whether some knowledge of investing or they have nothing to know about investments and business fundamentals.

Having No Knowledge

You are not along at all in fact in the whole world there are numerous people who don’t even listen to the word investing or invest.

There is basically not a big difference between business or investment these two things are joined and innovate a model of service.

So when we talk about crypto, cryptocurrencies or crypto assets the thing involves is technology so this is some specific understandable approach toward crypto or money-making ideas.

The younger investors deceiving believes which basically changes in the filtration process probably after some loss of money or some listening of a person’s bad experiences.

Now Have Some Knowledge

The idea of investing in bitcoin BTC and other Cryptocurrencies is not bad at all but we should keep in mind that we are putting our already earned money. This is an important thing which is ignored by the majority of noobs.

The already hard or easy earned money is now we are going to putting into crypto for multiplying for higher returns in the form of profits.

This approach is not bad much but the thing is why we chose crypto and when we want to exit the position which we have chosen while deciding whether it’s bitcoin or any other crypto.

First of all, you need to analyze well by your self because money is your similar profit is yours, losses are also afford by your self.

We know this is very hard to agree before that the investment which you are going to doing is gonna your loss and you will lose your money.

We are not confusing or fearful you from investing in crypto, just want to realize that Immediately Stop investing in crypto just for the sake of “future and bitcoin or crypto is future” like statements which you listen or read several time in a day.

People lose lots of money just hype created by trapping groups in the market who want to make you emotional and want you to get part of their own created FOMO and Stayed in the Burning Train eventually destroyed your already earned money just for the sake of more money.

All the above tellings are common all the time in crypto and people timely victimizing by these hyping traps so we just informing you that before becoming a part of any crypto holder instantly understand whether it’s respectable serious crypto or you are going to becoming the part of hyping traps.

The examples of crypto millionaires are revolving numerously and you need to feel matured and not get very greedy to becoming part of hyping traps before recognizing them.

This is very rare in a world that the money you are owning is far more than the effort you actually put, this is why you should feel ever matured that this is not for all the humans on this earth.


Final points on our above-discussed things are that whenever you chose a coin or token think that it’s a respectful asset or value for money. The second important point is that stop investing in crypto if you do not know the basics of investing go and learn basics first before putting money into crypto that we know currently in financial markets the publicity of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency is more than ordinary investment options. Last but not least is that you know when or why you exit your position even you are in loss or No profit No loss. Lastly for Now you Need To consider the alter safest options that are available for investments and which are more value for money.

Now we believe that after reading this you will definitely minimum cannot be trapped by the FOMO (fear of missing out) Especially in Crypto Market.