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DYDX Protocol Airdrop To 64,000 Users Used Before July 26, 2021

NameDYDX Protocol DYDX
PlatformPerpetual Decentralized Crypto Exchange
No. Participants64,000
CriteriaUser Used Before July 26, 2021
Allocation75 Million DYDX Tokens
PrizeUp to $1000 DYDX Tokens


DYDX protocol simply their token called DYDX. The project is based on the idea of the decentralized perpetual contracts. The utility of the network is based on trading cryptocurrencies with leverage, margin, and spot with minimal fees and similar experience like centralized deep liquidity with the ongoing 25X extra power of capital. The DYDX foundation announced the governance token for the community distribution and project growth and decided to distribute it as an airdrop to the past users who interacted with the DYDX protocol.

Contest Expiry:

Requirements To Claim Reward

  • To claim the reward you must have used or interacted with DYDX protocol exchange either in form of Borrowing, lending or trading before the Snapshot date of 26 July 2021 00:00:00 UTC.
  • You must have to trade at least $1 volume of trade on the DYDX layer 2 Protocol simply deposit USDC ERC20 token and place a trade and complete the teir target accordingly.
  • When you successfully complete the trading requirement and your milestone is complete then simple you have to wait till September 8 2021 to claim your DYDX tokens.
  • The users resident in United states and other restricted jurisdictions are prohibited or inelighlbale for this airdrop and from using DYDX.
  • All the misuse addresses or mass airdrop claiming wallets detected will not be able to eligible for the airdrop.
  • All the Unclaimed DYDX tokens or uncompleted target trading requirement will be back to the commmunity distribution treasury.
  • You may notice and incouter with high gas fees while transacting on ethereum blockchain, as a tip you can possibly found low gas fees while 04:00 AM to 07:00 AM UTC.
How To Complete DYDX Protocol Tokens Airdrop Redeem Criteria and Claim

Claim DYDX Airdrop

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