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BTC, ETH, etc Doubler Scam Crypto Airdrops Youtube Ads Stay Away

There are lots of financial scams out to loot the people’s hard-earned holdings in fiat or cryptocurrencies. Due to the lack of knowledge and confusion of identifying real out of fake rush scams. People got victimized majorly by fake scams regarding crypto doublers, airdrops, and giveaways especially by fake branding currently ongoings scams notified by many people on youtube ads.

YouTube Fake Crypto Airdrops, BTC, ETH Doubler Ads

Being a crypto community early member adopters, you have to understand and make yourself aware that there is no such scheme who can provide you any kind of get the rich quick method. Luckily there are some rare and very very exceptional cases in which some people in life on a particular moment grab some extra ordinary gains in terms of money without doing any such potential taking effort.

Phishing Website Scam Seems Legit But Fake of Binance Official design

You have to keep in mind get rich quick is not possible for everyone and every time so if you want to protect yourself from bleeding out your money and life hard-earned savings to any kind of lucrative scams then stay away from these trapping ads.

Ongoings scam includes giveaways regarding impersonating fake misleading ads running on youtube especially in the format of live streams, commonly having some media talk of crypto big influencers, founders, or CEO of crypto projects in the market such as CZ Binance, Vitalik Buterin and related misleading media talks of Elon Musk.

What the scams intently doing is that broadcasting the live streams on youtube in the reality of recorded videos downloaded from other popular legit sources, where the conference or media talks were done with some related discussion and the scammers are using these videos with the misleading impression of fake giveaways seems like legit opportunities but they are complete scammers.

The people who get influenced by their fake promoted ads and live streams they normally get victimized by scammers through crypto funds fraud in any terms either they deposit the funds with the expectation of double return or either they get scammed through phishing websites such as malicious attacks or hacking of crypto wallet through wallet private keys and funds loss.

Famous Personalities Twitter Profiles Hack Bitcoin Scam

In mid-july 2020, the Twitter was pretended as hacked by some bitcoins fraudsters, hundreds and above dollar of bitcoin was scammed on the name of giveaways. News agencies reported as somehow that the company internal employees were involved in that scam but not come up with a clarification.

Real Vs Scam Crypto Airdrop, Giveaways

The simple approach, you have to keep in mind that any upcoming or ongoing crypto airdrops, giveaways are legit to known as if they are seeking audience attention and in return distributing some amount of their blockchain or project native tokens to airdrop campaign participants or eligibles. There is no mean of chances any kind of bounty program in which free airdrop or giveaway is expected but they are acquiring for any kind of money charge on their behalf(control) most likely they are scammers and just here to scam you, so you have to share it on public websites such as curexmy forums to notify other about ongoings scams for general public awareness. Check Real Filtered Crypto Free Earning and Airdrop Opportunites.

Report Youtube Misleading Fraud Ads

It’s our responsibility to discuss and share the appropriate knowledge with everyone in the current era of the blurry environment of confusion between fakes and reals, To educate each other and self-awareness is very important. So far this is very concerning and shocking that how the big company can doing this mistake for a great amount of time by clear scamming people and misleading the crypto market branding as scam space. You have to report such ads and videos and share those fraudster’s websites links so that people can know better and filter the real stuff out of clarifying scams.