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Ampleforth $400 $AMPL Crypto Meme Creation Contest Airdrop on Publish0x

NameAmpleforth AMPL
PlatformPublish0x Blogging Site
No. Participants20
CreationCreative and Unique Meme, Song, or Video About Ampleforth AMPL
TweetTweet Your Meme on Twitter
Prize20 Winners Each = $20 $AMPL Tokens
Reward pool$400 $AMPL Tokens


Ampleforth is the unique algorithm based cryptocurrency asset created on ethereum blockchain ERC-20 Token. Which rewards to their holders based on price appreciation above 1 dollar vice versa decrement tokens from the wallet if price stays below 1 dollar and try to move around the dollar price. Publish0x and Ampleforth team cooperatively conducting $400 worth of AMPL tokens Meme Creation and Twitter tweet contest on their blog publishing platform. In which 20 Winners Each = $20 $AMPL Tokens to the participants.

Contest Expiry:

Requirements To Claim Reward

  • You much have an account on Publish0x and should be an Author on the platform. If you are not already then Create Your Account By clicking Here.
  • Apply for the Authorship program if you are not yet a verified author at publish0x.
  • To participate in the Ampleforth Meme Creation and Twitter tweet contest, you need to publish a meme about the Ampleforth project.
  • According to the terms of the contest, your meme should be unique, original & fictionary, or non-fictionary but about the comprehensive creative meme, song video(optional upload on youtube or regarding Ampleforth Read More.
  • You should add #AMPLMeme in post TAG while publishing on publish0x for successful submission.
  • Tweet a tweet using both the hashtags #AMPLMeme and #Publish0x also follow @Publish0x and Ampleforth @Ampleforth Twitter accounts.
  • Your tweets should be relevant to Ampleforth and informative also unique and creative.

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