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Ampleforth $400 $AMPL Crypto Meme Creation Contest Airdrop on Publish0x

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NameAmpleforth AMPL
PlatformPublish0x Blogging Site
No. Participants20
CreationCreative and Unique Meme, Song, or Video About Ampleforth AMPL
TweetTweet Your Meme on Twitter
Prize20 Winners Each = $20 $AMPL Tokens
Reward pool$400 $AMPL Tokens


Ampleforth is the unique algorithm based cryptocurrency asset created on ethereum blockchain ERC-20 Token. Which rewards to their holders based on price appreciation above 1 dollar vice versa decrement tokens from the wallet if price stays below 1 dollar and try to move around the dollar price. Publish0x and Ampleforth team cooperatively conducting $400 worth of AMPL tokens Meme Creation and Twitter tweet contest on their blog publishing platform. In which 20 Winners Each = $20 $AMPL Tokens to the participants.

Contest Expiry:

Requirements To Claim Reward

  • You much have an account on Publish0x and should be an Author on the platform. If you are not already then Create Your Account By clicking Here.
  • Apply for the Authorship program if you are not yet a verified author at publish0x.
  • To participate in the Ampleforth Meme Creation and Twitter tweet contest, you need to publish a meme about the Ampleforth project.
  • According to the terms of the contest, your meme should be unique, original & fictionary, or non-fictionary but about the comprehensive creative meme, song video(optional upload on youtube or regarding Ampleforth Read More.
  • You should add #AMPLMeme in post TAG while publishing on publish0x for successful submission.
  • Tweet a tweet using both the hashtags #AMPLMeme and #Publish0x also follow @Publish0x and Ampleforth @Ampleforth Twitter accounts.
  • Your tweets should be relevant to Ampleforth and informative also unique and creative.

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