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Watch: How To Trade Binance P2P Buy/Sell Crypto To Fiat Local Bank Transfer Guide

How To Trade Binance P2P Buy/Sell Crypto To Fiat Local Bank Transfer Guide

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Make Money As a Binance P2P Merchant & How Post Ads Earn Money Watch Video.


00:00 Begins

00:30 Steps To Complete

05:28 Tip For P2P Trading

06:50 Transfer From Spot To P2P Wallet

08:50 How to Sell USDT At Good Price On Binance P2P

15:20 Important Things While P2P Trade Completion

21:30 How To Buy USDT At Low Price on Binance P2P

24:54 How To Do Binance P2P Trading on Mobile

25:50 How to Complete Buy USDT Trade On Binance P2P

28:05 Important Things While Completing Buy Trade on Binance P2P

Binance world popular cryptocurrency exchange launched P2P trading in late 2019. Already different peer-to-peer trading such as Local Bitcoins, Remitano, etc. Currently, Binance is offering a unique form of P2P trading such as Zero fees and competitive rates which are very lucrative for the crypto community who are regularly involved in crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto conversions. Binance helps them very amazingly through their P2P trading service by avoiding higher fees and unfair slippage.

Things Discussed in Video.

Binance P2P Trading Overview

How To Complete Binance P2P Order?

Add Your Bank Account Payee Details

Important Things Need to Consider While Using Binance P2p

What happens if Merchant does not Send/Release the Amount on Binance P2P Buy\Sell order?

Why & How Binance P2P Revolutionary Fiat/Crypto Conversion Platform With Key Features?