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Aelf Concept Understanding Know-how Explaination

We are going to diving deeper to understand the distributed blockchain-based cloud computing network.The Problem Solver in the industry of blockchain to meet the sustainable levels to achieve mainstream adoption in the commercial models. Aelf blockchain introduced the well-known blockchain-based cloud computing solution by the concept of a multi-chain parallel computing blockchain framework.Aelf Blockchain OverviewAelf has the aim to solve the critical problem in the exciting solutions available in the current market, therefore, the precious technology knows as a distributed block of chains holding back from the business who deserve to adopt and skyrocketed 🚀 their businesses and boost their revenues.Aelf VisionThe project aelf has mainly focused...

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SadaPay Latest Announcements BOP Partnership & App Published

We have published a post on an introductory article to know the concept and idea of sadapay launching in Pakistan by Founder and CEO Brandon Timinsky. Sadapay is taken the initiative of solving the problem of international payments transactions in Pakistan throughout the Pakistani banking channels legally and conveniently. The team of sadapay scheduled launch in early 2020 this year but due to the SBP wait of the approval process, therefore, they can't execute things on planned timings.SadaPay Latest Announcements On 28 August 2018 when the Facebook page of sadapay was created and meanwhile lots of research and by watching the market situation that's the appropriate time to launch this product as a helping hand for Pakistan's freelancer's community who are dependent on their digital onl

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Coronavirus Impacted Through One More Way To Adopt Cryptocurrency

From 89 days ago in Wuhan China city, firstly outbreak comes to world media that an epidemic Coronavirus start and effects all around the globe with the passage of time. Now being thousands of people are affected and confirmed according to World health organization statistics and accumulated records.So far lots of people around the globe are affected and therefore most governments, countries have started lockdown on citizen's resultantly economic activity is going to Slow Down, therefore, affecting the financial markets directly. The purchasing activity of consumer and business growth in the different corporations and people who are dealing in financial instruments also effecting and confused due to unexpected but most likely results are facing.New York Stock Exch...

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How To Become Publisher, Join Youtube Partner Program on & Make Money

As an alternative of youtube or Dailymotion that where you can publish on LBRY anything with freedom of content file sharing and also make money through by setting your content viewing price. On you can start your channel just confirm your email address and create your channel in a decentralized manner. You can upload your videos or any content whatever you want on your channel involvement of LBRY blockchain. LBRY is currently Providing a reward and syncing opportunity for existing lots of subscribers containing YouTubers to integrate their channel on the platform and claim rewards also. LBRY + Youtube Partner Program The subscriber count starts from 1k youtube channels will be incentivized with the accordingly given amount of LBRY Credits distributed amount them monthly

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LBRY Project Introduction Concept Understanding What is LBRY Credits?

Have you listen ever that where you can upload anything which can be accessed from anywhere in the world by anyone through paying his price or access freely, so that's why we are going to discussing the most demand and uniquely identified called LBRY blockchain-based project call as Library. Continue reading this article through it you will become familiar with this not much young but need to introduce with you if you are not yet known with it.Join World Of Digital Freedom LBRY Project Overview The LBRY call as Library is the blockchain-based decentralized digital market place peer-to-peer digital goods access and serving protocol on the digital market place. If you are a little familiar with the BitTorrent file-sharing system then you have easy to grab the concept of decentralized...

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How to Verify Website Manually Without Plugin on Brave Publishers

Let's start to learn and I will show you how you can start making money through brave publishers browser tipping program by verifying your website at brave publisher account dashboard manually. First of all, if you are still unfamiliar with the revolutionary decentralized, open-source, crypto supportive and privacy-focused cross-platform brave browser then learn and know more in-depth about the brave browser and their publisher program. Download & Become Brave Publisher Learn in-depth TutorialBrave Publisher A quick and shorten overview of the brave publisher program is that where you can attach your website or social platform where you have good number of fan following where the users of the relative platform can give you tips through the brave browser and you can receive tips f

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