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Learn & Earn up to $10 in BAND On Coinmarketcap

Name Band Protocol (BAND)
Platform Cross-chain data oracle network
No. Participants 10 Winners Chosen
Follow Twitter and Retweet Up to $10
Answer Questions  Watch Videos And Earn BAND Tokens
Prize Pool $300


BAND is the cross-chain data oracle network that helps the external such as ethereum and other blockchains to run and share data to execute smart contracts more efficiently to join the contest you can participate through the below-given link but first watch the videos and understand the possible answers to win the contest.

Contest Expiry:

Requirements To Claim Reward

  • Follow the BAND Twitter and Coinmarketcap Twitter
  • Retweet the following post with the hashtag #CMCEarn.
  • Answer the quiz about the BAND protocol and can win the amount up to $10 directly to your ERC-20 Wallet .
  • To claim the up to $10 reward must watch the following videos in the order in which given to understand and answer the quiz to participate in the contest).
  • After Watching all the Videos Below then click on the Join button and enter your ERC-20 wallet address or exchange address otherwise you can skip the field and enter NA then enter your email and Answer the Quiz.
  • After submission, you will receive the confirmation email from Coinmarketcap for validating entry and will announce the winners when the contest ends.

What is Band Protocol?

How do Band Protocol oracles work?

What is the BAND token?

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