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Become Curexmy Author

Become Curexmy Author

Before Moving Forward Must Read Carefully Below Terms & Conditions/Guidelines For Avoiding Rejections or Authorship Rights Revoked

As you are interested in becoming our author so make sure you follow the guidelines and terms & conditions to maintain our platform in working conditions so follow all the terms & conditions before moving to get your credentials for our admin panel.

Eligibility: Make sure you submit your real and carefully right information about content writing skills and experience regarding article writing and publishing we need your real name and picture also link with your social media profiles like WhatsApp, Facebook and if you are a youtube must tell us your channel and mention in the form we provide you to fill. All the information you provide us make sure should be real and proper we will confirm and acquire you to provide again if applicable.

Qualification: As you know that our platform is in the English version and it’s required that you must have an intermediary level of English Speaking, writing and learning skills. No problem if English is not your first or native language instead you must be curious and eager to learn about new things and having a reaching nature for capable in new related posts/articles as well as deep research reports as well as new technologies and concepts. We will prefer the CS(Computer Science) Students or professionals warm welcome to our platform either you like to get a new experience about WordPress panels or UIs even like to start your journey towards blogging/content writer.

Admin Panel: initially our administrator will give you as a writer test panel for check bases period that either you will become our verified author or what level you will achieve on curexmy after reviewing your authorship request. 

Revenue Stream: Everyone likes money and also wants to convert their skills into their income source so as you know curexmy is monetized by google ads also affiliated with different sponsors. Currently, our authorship program is in beta version, therefore, it’s not available in these terms that you can also make money from your content which you publish from now but we are working hard to make it possible for you to make money with us from writing your content and putting your deep research on finding authentic information. 

Beta Rights: Curexmy authorship program is not in their full version so we can’t give you the way to make money also but we can assure you if you will work with us longingly you will avail of this opportunity.

Agreement: We have mentioned earlier that the platform authorship program is in beta version so we can’t guarantee you about your content security and database backups so we can’t assure your about web platform up-time as our site is using a shared server, therefore, slower or downtimes could occur while browsing or using. We have already reserved the right to delete or disapprove, revoke authorship right without prior notices from any violation. Any content/post/article can be copy past on any platform that you should give us every right of sharing or posting your content on our any linked platform. We are allowing you to post copy past content or words copying from any website. Your content must be real and authentic related to platform categories. You must follow and agree with the Terms & conditions/guidelines of the platform that you will be terminated from writing on our platform even your credentials will be forbidden to access editor panel. Any kind of media content file text paragraph information links pictures that are violating the rules you will be disqualified from accessing our authorship program. Any kind of cheating, hacking Destructive activity happens on-site from you or if we notice then we will delete and restrict you and can do any action upon your previous data published on the platform. You must accept the agreement of joining the authorship program of curexmy otherwise you can ignore to disagree with the terms & conditions/guidelines for the skip.    

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